It’s really no surprise that Chad Randau uses his voice as a profession. As a kid, growing up in the northern suburbs of Detroit he would spend hours creating his own talk shows on a tape recorder. He also was drawn to acting and music in his youth – appearing in theater productions and taking music lessons. As a teen, Chad dove into studying acting at the Studio Actors Group in Royal Oak, Michigan. This led to him signing with a top Detroit talent agency and he was on the road to working on camera, stage and behind the mic in numerous commercial and theatrical productions. This continued through his high school years and into college where he worked on on the college radio station while continuing to act in indie films, commercials and also singing in various rock bands between going to classes and enjoying life to the fullest. After college, Chad worked on air at the top FM rock station in the capitol city of Lansing while continuing his acting work. It wasn’t long before he headed to Hollywood to persue his acting career. Upon arriving in tinseltown, his continued studies of acting evolved with some of the most prominent teachers in town. He began booking roles in TV and film while also immersing himself in the study of the craft of voiceover with some of the best teachers and coaches in the business. It’s only natural that his acting skills combined with a musical ear for precise timing with a bit of radio experience and merged with a distinctive voice would lead to his signing with the exclusive William Morris Endeavor agency to launch him on the path to numerous high profile voiceover gigs. Fast forward to now—Chad has developed signature sound as potent as his childhood fascination with VO. He has a confident, rock n roll vibe with soul and wit in spades. He’s also had the guidance of many top VO coaches who have helped him refine his natural voice and build versatile capabilities. Not only does he have an unforgettably unique sound and wide range, Chad is a genuine pro who is effortless and fun to work with and accepts direction enthusiastically. Chad’s abundant experience gives him an edge as a creator. In VO, he his distinct voice has been heard by millions as the signature sound of a number of top brands including Nissan, Bud Light, Mazda, McDonald’s and Sketchers. Chad resides in Los Angeles and works from his state of the art professional grade studio. He connects with clients via ISDN, Source Connect, IpDTL and Phone Patch. For a sound that’s tuned in, turned on and always ready to rock, connect with Chad Randau today.


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